Healthy Back Pilates

Healthy Back Pilates

Do you want to live life without suffering from back pain and get back to doing all the things you love?

Pilates can benefit you in so many ways. With regular practice you can expect to enjoy:

  • A reduction in, or complete cessation of, back pain!
  • A more flexible spine
  • Stronger core and back muscles
  • Better posture

My Healthy Back Pilates 1:1 programmes are all based on the latest NICE guidelines for treating lower back pain.

If you would like to relieve those aches and pains and enjoy feeling flexible and stronger then contact me today. Call 07855 451 722 or email [email protected]

Here’s what customers say!

‘I had major problems with my back. It was stopping me playing golf. My back is now miles better than it was before and I can play golf again.’

‘Thanks so much for your help. The exercises have made such a difference. My body now feels flexible and free from pain again.’

‘Thank you for a very brilliant programme. I’ve found it very beneficial and highly therapeutic.’
Dr S G Gollo

‘My back has been a problem for 12 years. I’ve had physio on and off. The good thing is I have already noticed an improvement. I can now find my central posture position easily and can feel the benefit as soon as I readjust. All in all a very positive start.’

‘I now understand my back problem clearly and am developing an increased range of movement and much less pain.’

‘Excellent explanations and prompts have helped me with the exercises. My back pain has significantly improved.’